Don’t Ignore 404

February 18, 2016

As your site evolves a side effect of this may be that some of your links become broken, leading to the 404 error page, but what’s the problem?

Coming across a 404 link can cause a customer to lose their confidence in your site and company in a matter of seconds. You’ve broken their trust with a link to promised goods, only for it to lead to nothing. With the chance of more dead ends looming and the frustrated keyboard abuse that your now ex-customer would rather not endure, motivation to stay on your site is depleted and you’ve lost them, most likely for good. What use is a website without customers?

Building up and keeping a customer base is incredibly important for an e-commerce site, and for any shop for that matter. What this has to do with broken links is that you could be missing out on potential customers because of them. SEO for a website is like having a shop at the busiest end of the high street, only this high street is incredibly mobile and your location is all but fixed. Moving up relies on getting links from more popular and relevant sites, and if a site that links to you no longer counts because it leads to 404, you are missing out on getting your site higher up on google. This means that people searching for what you do are going to come across plenty of other sites that offer what they are looking for before they reach you, and guess what, they’re probably not going to end up with you. Using 301 redirects, you can get back the lost links and start benefitting again and getting up the high street again.

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