Time for a new website – then it’s time to think Magento 2

September 22, 2017

With Magento 1 now approaching end of life (01/10/2018), here are some facts and figures to help give perspective on whether re-implementing your website on Magento 2 is the right choice for you.

Magento 2 can now load pages 50% faster than its predecessors. Coding and design improvements allow M2 to run the checkout process 38% faster compared to Magento 1x, with the higher speeds also meaning greater load handling. With M2, merchants can take on 117% more cart orders than in Magento 1.

However, speed is not the only thing Magento has improved in its new platform. Magento 2 gives sturdier security through better modular structure and safe payment gateway methods. The SEO features are more user friendly and produce better results in SEO rankings, while the admin panel has been simplified to ease daily tasks. The checkout page is streamlined to eliminate any confusion to the User and has dramatically improved the checkout UX for your customers.


We can help you find the best solution for your business; whether that means working with an existing Magento 1 website or developing a leading edge website on Magento 2.

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